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The Law Office of Mark W. Miller provides high quality legal representation to individuals in bankruptcy, personal injury, land-lord tenant, and general civil law cases. Representation includes initial meeting and consultation, preparation of the case file and legal documents, performance of legal services, and, if appropriate, litigation and trial. Fees vary depending on the nature of the case; however, at all times my office charges a reasonable fee for its services and fee arrangements may be made as well with individual clients consistent with their financial circumstances.

In bankruptcy cases, fees normally range between $1,200 per case or $2,000 per case depending on the type of bankruptcy (Chapter 7 or 13), not including costs. Such amounts may increase depending upon the nature and disposition of each case. Filing costs for Chapter 7 cases are $335, for Chapter 13 cases $185.

In lemon law cases, my office requests no fee directly from the client. Instead, the fees are generally paid by the manufacturer in the event your vehicle is bought back by the manufacturer. In the event of a cash settlement not involving the repurchase of the vehicle, the fees are no more than 1/3 of any settlement received by the client.

In personal injury cases, my office requests no fee directly from the client. Instead, all fees and costs (if applicable) are deducted from any settlement or judgment received in the course of the representation. The fee for legal services is 1/3 of any settlement or judgment with the client receiving 2/3 of this amount exclusive of costs. In some cases, my office has waived costs and expenses when appropriate.

In landlord tenant or eviction cases, my office requests $1,500 retainer and charges an hourly rate that varies depending upon the client and nature of the case. Costs, including filing fees, are additional. In many eviction cases, my total fee is approximately $1,500.00, or even less depending upon the circumstances of the case.

Any questions about fees should be directed to Attorney Mark W. Miller for discussion. I am always open to any reasonable fee arrangement with my clients.


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